Consulting Services

Our Engineers are specifically qualified in the areas of: 

  • Energy Auditing

  • Energy Reduction

  • Energy Plant Designs

  • Biogas Plant Designs

  • Patent Designs

  • Contaminated Site Assessments

  • Contaminated Site Remediation

  • Environmental Auditing

  • Waste Management Services

  • Expert Witness Services

  • Advanced Systems Thermodynamics (Chemical & Electrical Engineers)

What we do:

Energy Consulting Engineers provides a comprehensive range of environmental and energy (renewable and petroleum) services to commercial and industrial clients through its team of multi-disciplinary professionals. 

These services adopt proven and cost effective international standards, techniques and technology that meet with or exceed existing Australian Standards.

Why Choose Us:

Environmental issues cut across corporate, international and cultural boundaries. 

More and more corporations today will have to accept and meet with these challenges. 

Successful corporations will be those that adopt new sustainable environmental management systems, techniques and practices, that respond to these emerging environmental legislative developments. 

Our Engineers have over 25 years of industry experience providing them with the knowledge to assist your company with its Energy & Environmental requirements.


Energy Consulting Services


Energy Auditing

Energy Audits may be carried out with a desk top analysis prepared from your electricity accounts or with a more detailed onsite Energy Audit report in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3598:2000.  

This data is examined to provide accurate information on your demand and supply side energy needs as well as your peak and off peak usage to evaluate where cost savings may be obtained.

Electricity Cost Reduction

Reduce the burden of rising electricity bills on your home and business. Once your energy requirements have been determined, our Engineers will make recommendations/design cost effective systems to deliver electricity cost reductions & prevent ongoing electricity price increases.

Energy System Design

Our professional and chartered engineers are qualified and experienced in designing and constructing the Behind-The-Meter® distributed renewable energy systems utilising ZED’s proven thermodynamic and fiscal energy optimisation design principals. Our Engineers and authorised service installers provide a complete turn-key solution for your energy reduction requirements including Energy System Design, Approvals, Financing, Procurement & Installation.

Our Simple 5 Stage Approach:

Stage I - Initial Energy Assessment

During this stage we carry out an assessment of energy consumption by sector (Demand-side) followed by an assessment of on-site (“Distributed”) energy resources.

Stage II - Preliminary System Design, Feasibility and Finance

Once we have gathered the demand-side data and assessed the supply-side resources, our professional and chartered engineers shall design an integrated Behind-The-Meter® system, utilising our in-house fiscal energy optimisation principals, to achieve the optimumsystem. The system design shall incorporate a feasibility that will allow us to present you financial indicators that can help you plot the most cost effective path to economic sustainability. Client specific financing options are also presented where requested.

Stage III - Detailed Design Approvals

Having completed the preliminary designs and feasibility (and financing - where necessary), detailed designs of the Behind-The-Meter® System are completed and appropriate regulatory approvals and grid interconnection agreements are sought and obtained.

During this stage our engineers will prepare engineering specifications for off-site fabrication and on-site construction by our Authorised Service Providers (“ASP”). All on-site works are then carried out by our experienced, accredited and licensed ASP under the control and supervision of our qualified and suitably trained Charted and Registered Professional Engineers.

Stage IV - Procurement and Turn-Key Construction