Power Cap™ - The Long-Life Battery Alternative

Energy Storage - Power Cap

Zero Emissions Developments is proud to announce it’s Behind The Meter® distributed energy solution for residential applications that incorporates the long life Power Cap™ System. The system has been designed to supply the daily energy needs of homes, day and night whether grid connected or grid independent from an on-site renewable solar PV system that is coupled with our long-life Graphene Supercapacitor system.  


The Power Cap™ system that is superior to battery technology and up to 100 times the life


ZED’s Behind-The-Meter® Power Cap™ Solution Features and Benefits

 ZED’s Power Cap™ system can deliver many benefits over conventional electro-chemical batteries, such as:

  • Expected life is over 1,000,000 cycles which equates to approximately 25 year life in normal applications;

  • Deep cycle discharge, long duration discharge as well as fast charge and short discharge;

  • The Fast Charging capabilities eliminates the Need for Large Battery Banks;

  • The Supercapacitor bank can be charged in a few minutes without affecting cycle life. This feature delivers significant advantages in a wide range of deployments such as in electric vehicles or utility grade frequency regulation;

  • Graphene ultra-thin layers increases Energy Density over standard supercapacitors;

  • The proprietary algorithm-based balancing, charging and control circuit used, actively balances and stabilizes the system, delivers deep cycle and long duration discharge and specific energy of 115 Wh/kg. Therefore, in addition to standard fast charge / discharge usage, the energy storage system can be deployed at industry that contains high inductive loads.

  • Levellised Cost of Energy per cycle is less than one, one hundredth the cost of battery technology ($0.01 versus $0.10/kWh/Cycle);

  • High Efficiency, with a Depth-of-Discharge (DOD) of 99% and round-trip efficiency of 99.1%, the ZED Behind-The-Meter® system delivered and rated capacity are almost the same, allowing for a significant reduction in the number of Supercapacitors required when compared to systems utilizing chemical batteries, thereby lowering capital investment;

  • Cycle Life more than 100 times that of conventional battery storage, leading to Lower Cost of Ownership;

  • The cycle life of the energy storage system is 1 million cycles at 99% DOD with negligible capacity fade and impact of charge / discharge rates. Combined with very low maintenance requirements, ZED delivers power and energy at an unmatched cost per cycle;

  • Temperature tolerance enables usage in most environments. With a temperature tolerance range that is higher than electro-chemical batteries, the Power Cap™ can be deployed in extremely harsh environments without cooling or heating, resulting in less oversight and maintenance;

  • A charge retention circuit controls a small percentage of embedded Li Ion to supply current to reduce charge leakage and increase self-discharge time to 14 days;

  • These units can be paralleled to increase the total storage capacity; and

  • The unit is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.